Monday, August 14, 2017

The Winchester Mystery House

winchester mysteryWinchester is well known for the guns they make and many a crime has been committed using their tools. Nobody ever thought that these crimes committed using the guns made by them would come back to haunt them in a very bizarre fashion. But that is exactly what happened and they became famous for something very different in the year 1881.

In California, the widow of Oliver Winchester felt that she required security against some evil spirits. She was convinced that these spirits were those of the people killed using the Winchester rifles. Things came to such a pass that a psychic whom she had consulted asked her to keep creating more and more number of rooms in her already palatial mansion in order to confuse these spirits and make it difficult for them to find her. Though this does not make sense since spirits do not know the constraints of barriers, she added more than a 100 rooms over the next 40 years till she died in the year 1922. Nowadays, this building is a well known tourist and many visitors want to just have a look at what made this place so unique.

The 160 room mansion known as the Victorian Manchester was built initially in the year 1884. Many unique and first time features adorn this mansion and workers were on the job continuously for about 38 years. Everything was tried to keep out evil spirits like false doors, convoluted stairways, rooms to hold séances.

The widow regularly spoke to spirits at midnight and visitors have often talked of hearing organ music in a room known as the Blue Room where Sarah Winchester breathed her last. They have also reported witnessing apparitions, balls of red light and the aroma of chicken soup when they go near the kitchen. Visitors can take tours with flashlight during night times and they are able to enjoy the spooky feeling all the more.


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  1. Charlotte says:

    I love this builiding it is so amazing. The pscychologic aspect is just fascinating. Personally I feel this is not a haunting story more like something you would find in a book on abnormal psychology

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