Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Story of The Haunted Whaley House

haunted Whaley HouseThis house has the distinction being officially recognized as a haunted place by the government in southern California. It was constructed in the year 1857 by an individual Thomas Whaley who then let out a portion to the county for storing the records. However, this became a point of argument amongst the residents of San Diego who wanted their part of the records pertaining to the New Town to be housed somewhere near them and not in this house which was in the Old Town. Things reached a head when some ruffians belonging to the New Town ransacked this house in Whaley’s absence, threatened his wife and daughter and also made good with some records.

Close to 100 years after this incident, this house was bought by the County and when they started the process of renovation, the workers noticed strange things begin to happen. Doors and windows would close and open on their own, creaking sounds would suddenly materialize and they would often sight the ghosts of both Thomas Whaley and his wife. Even the family dog, his daughter and small son began to make appearances. Certain other ghosts of members not from the family like an old couple, their daughter were also sighted regularly and this led to the disruption of the work. Many workmen stopped coming to work and in fact left the place altogether. They were understandably disturbed and scared at the turn of events.

The government finally stepped in and wanted to demolish the structure totally. Each time however, the process was stalled under some pretext or the other and this house has now been saved and introduced as a monument. Many investigations have been carried out on the abnormal activities observed and photographs have been taken for posterity, but nobody has been able to give a satisfactory explanation as to why such events continue to occur.

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