Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Queen Mary Haunting

The Queen MaryThe Queen Mary was in service for decades and served both as a ship to transport sailors during the war and as a luxury liner for the big spenders. When the Queen Mary was decommissioned Long Beach, California bought the liner and made a very luxurious hotel in 1967.

Arguably the most haunted part of the ship is the engine room where tapping on pipes can be heard and lights can be seen. This is thought to be the apparitions of a young 17 year old, John Henry, who deceived the management of the ship in order to get a job on board, he was crushed to death while a fire broke out in the engine room which is now the main reception of the hotel.

There was a very mysterious death that occurred on the liner, a man asked a steward to help him get a female to keep him company through the night, in exchange of some cash. The steward took the gentleman’s luggage and stowed it away and shortly after a female was found, they then left together. The next morning the gentleman was missing from the dinning room so the steward went to his room looking for him and instead he found the corpse of the female and a lot of blood. After looking for the gentleman it was soon discovered that there was no trace of him on any of the logs and his luggage was gone which more than just one person dealt with.

The Queen Mary swimming pool is not innocent either, a little girl tried to slide down a banister into the pool, but a large wave hit the ship and she fell before getting to the pool and broke her neck. There have been and still are sightings of a little girl around the pool looking for her mother. Also, there were two women that have died within the pool area and are said to be roaming the pool side.

The Queen Mary also caused the deaths of around 300 sailors. While the ship was being used during the war, it zig-zagged trying to avoid enemy contact and inadvertently collided with the ship it was sailing with. The Queen Mary was then forced to leave around 300 survivors, who can still be heard from time to time banging on the side of the ship.

So as you can see The Queen Mary has been surrounded by deaths for decades, so are you sure you want to stay at the hotel?..


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  1. DannyBoy says:

    I visited the Queen Mary this past summer…2010.
    Don’t take the guided tour. It’s like a Disney ride with a lot of special scary effects. Why they do this I don’t know, because if you take the non-guided tour, you can spend hours…and experience a lot of really bizarre energy in a lot of places on the ship. Some of the scariest were the old dining/dance room, the infirmary, and probably the creepiest is the spot where the sailors…engineers or whoever went into this open pool that led directly to the propellers under the water for repairs…that was real freaky…you can actually feel the energy there.

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