Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Haunted Lemp Mansion

lemp mansionThis mansion earns its place among the most haunted and since 1980; many people have tried to find out the mystery in visiting this mansion that is located in St. Louis, Missouri. This mansion was erected in the year 1860 by William Lemp and his family has the proud distinction of creating the now famous Falstaff beer.

This mansion has been beset with sad events and tragedy for a long time and people believe that to be the reason for its haunted state. It all started in the year 1904, when William Lemp, sad at having lost his son, took the unfortunate step of committing suicide. His daughter Elsa also committed the same tragic mistake in 1920 and that was not all. After being forced to sell off the brewery business due to rising costs and due to the Prohibition in force at that time, William Lemp Junior also committed suicide by shooting himself and in the year 1949, Charles Lemp, the second son also took his own life in the basement of the mansion by again shooting himself.

It meant that the entire Lemp family had killed themselves within the precincts of the mansion and the moot question was, though they had left this world, had they really deserted the mansion in which they spent so much time?

This mansion got sold and a nice boarding place came into being. In the year 1977, the place got renovated and it was at this time that the workers started reporting some strange happenings taking place within the place. They became so scared that some of them left the job and did not bother to come back. These events have since continued to happen and many people have often reported seeing many apparitions and hearing many sounds over the years.


4 Responses to “The Haunted Lemp Mansion”
  1. gabby says:

    i think its kool to stay their if i could i would live there

  2. david daub says:

    i have always wanted to go to the lemp mansion and walk around and probably spend the night, that would be awsome.

  3. Sarah says:

    so, is it privately owned? or is it just sitting there? i would love to be able to take my team and investigate. would be so fantastic!

  4. Tana vonThun says:

    The Lemp mansion is a bed and breakfast. I have stayed there on two different occasios and have experienced something both times. A definate recommend and I can’t wait to go back.

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