Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

The haunted Bachelor’s Grove cemeteryThis cemetery situated in the suburb of Midlothian has seen a lot of paranormal activity over the years and is known as one of the most dreaded and haunted places in Chicago. People have talked about strange voices, flashing lights, sighting of apparitions and many instances of ghostly photos being taken at the spot. None of them had any tangible explanation to give.

The cemetery has its history way back in the 1860s when some immigrants working in the nearby Michigan canal settled at the place and were eventually buried after their death. The graveyard remained secluded ever since and over time, it became famous for people wishing to practice black magic and also a place where murdered victims were dumped. All these have contributed to the current haunted reputation of this place.

However, certain events that have happened and have been documented over time remain unexplained. For instance, two forest officials reported seeing the ghosts of an old man along with his horse near a lagoon and in close proximity to the cemetery. Other people have reported the disappearance of a farmhouse all of a sudden and what’s more, sighting the same farmhouse at different places near the graveyard. Nobody has been able to provide any satisfactory explanation for all these events and they remain a mystery till today.

The most bizarre of them relates to the White Lady ghost and this is an apparition that many have noticed on full moon nights. They have seen her walking about within the graveyard, cradling an infant close to her bosom. Some have also noticed flashing orbs of light that seem to be moving back and forth. Again, no plausible explanation has been identified for all these occurrences.

The Bachelor’s Grove is indeed a haunted place and nobody knows whether it is due to the black magic or vandalism at the location.


2 Responses to “The Haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery”
  1. Rene Accel says:

    Cemeteries are for the dead. It shouldn’t be surprising to see ghosts and spirits lurking and moving about . After all, its their place – and the living are either visitors or intruders. They probably don’t want to be bothered by the living any moe than the living don’t want the dead bothering them in their homes. This world should be big enough for the living and the non-living.

  2. I have been out that way, but not in a while. It is just an old run down cemetary. Sure there are a lot of headstones missing. One should go out there during the day, to take a look around for themselves.

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