Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Ghosts of Bowling Green State University

The Ghosts of Bowling Green State UniversityThe grounds and precincts of the Bowling Green State University has the distinction of playing host to a number of haunted events making it one of the most affected places in terms of haunting. The theatre within the University has a ghost visitor named Alice and many have sighted a woman with flowing hair repeatedly making a visit since the 1920s. Though nobody is aware of the exact reason behind the name of Alice, there is a belief that before the screening or holding of any major film or drama, the manage must formally extend an invitation to grace the event, the absence of which will render the event a failure.

This might be superstition but going by what transpired when a Henry IV production was supposed to take place, this superstition seems to be well placed. Apparently there was some loose talk about Alice during the rehearsals and very surprisingly on the opening day of the show, the University computers just went offline without any reason and certain props that were part of the show also suddenly gave way injuring some actors severely. People then believed that this happened due to the loose talk and Alice was the person who caused this to happen.

The Sorority House within the campus also has had a ghost in the form of Amanda visiting it quite frequently. She is reported to have been killed in a train accident and this happened the same night she was supposed to have been inducted into the Sorority. A particular room in the Sorority constantly witnesses strange poltergeist similar happenings with picture frames falling off suddenly and even lights getting turned on and off on their own, besides noises coming out of nowhere and without any warning.

The girls at the Sorority still leave a vacant seat for Amanda respecting her wish to become part of the Sorority when they take out group photographs.


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  1. scubasam says:

    I am currently a student at BG and a few months ago I needed to go drop something off at an office in University Hall, where the haunted Joe Brown Theatre is located. I had breifly heard the story of Alice prior to going into the building, but not anything like how she died or what she looked like. I walked into the main entrance of University and right there when you walk in is the Joe Brown Theater. I went and dropped off what i needed to and i walked out of the office, which is down the same long hallway as the theater. i was walking down the hall, and out of the same door/hallway that i entered the building from came a girl/lady who walked in and turned the other direction. From behind, she was pale, had long whitish blonde hair and was wearing a long white dress. She also had a backpack. The moment i saw her i got this horrible feeling and immediate got this eerie chill up and down my entire body. she continued walking down the hallway in front of the theater doors and me, being kind of a wimp, got the hell out of there before having the chance to see her face. When i got back to my room i immediately looked up the story and found that Alice’s description matched what I saw. Now i am not sure if that was indeed Alice or just a very pale, out of date dressing girl, but the fact that she fit the description and i saw her in front of the theater would make that and awful coincidence. ~Scuba Sam

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