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The Franklin Castle at Cleveland

Located on the west side at Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio, Franklin Castle is known to be one of the most haunted and eerie castles in the world.

This historical building comprises of four stories and twenty rooms and has been constructed in the gothic architectural style. Although this building is of historical significance its popularity is supplemented by the mystery and haunting that surround it.

Over the years reports about the castle being haunted have surfaced and made headlines, but the mystery of ghost sightings is shrouded within the walls of this magnificent castle. Witnesses mention the presence of poltergeists, and disturbed spirits lurking in corridors.

The unearthly voices of tormented individuals and wailing children among vivid reflections of translucent images are common occurrences that are said to emanate within the walls of this castle.

Hannes Tiedemann Episodes

Cudell Richardson were the architects responsible for this architectural wonder. They built this castle in 1865 for a German immigrant, Hannes Tiedemann who was known to be a strict disciplinarian. He was a well known grocer and investment banker who was reputed to have a harsh temperament. Although theories about Hannes Tiedemann being authoritative and physically abusive with his family have made tasty titbits for news channels, the truth remains a mystery.

Hannes Tiedemann had a large family and many servants at the castle and it is believed that he was sexually involved with many women in the castle which included mistresses and servants. He is believed to be responsible for a number of deaths that took place in the Franklin castle and is believed to have hung, strangulated and hacked his victims. The walls of Franklin Castle shroud the number of deaths that occurred within the castle. The diabolic scent of death is perpetuated by hidden facts in the form of trapdoors and hidden doorways that lead to suspicion of foul play.

Mysterious Deaths at Franklin Castle

Although there is no conclusive evidence on the number of deaths that occurred in Franklin castle, researchers believe that there have been several murders that didn’t see the light of day. The first death to have occurred in this castle was that of Emma, Hannes Tiedemann’s daughter, who at the age of 15 was believed to have succumbed to diabetes. Soon afterwards Hannes Tiedemann lost his ageing mother Wiebka. During the next few years three more of his children died which led to the belief that the hidden truth about these mysterious deaths was lurking within the castle.

Many researchers are convinced that the birth and death of a number of babies in the castle wasn’t revealed. It is also believed that Tiedemann hanged his niece with the help of an exposed rafter in one of the secret tunnels. Legend also has it that Hannes Tiedemann strangulated a lot of women in a fit of rage when they rejected his advances or caught them cheating on him. It is believed that the bodies were hidden in secret rooms and passages. Although Luise, Hannes Tiedemann’s wife died in 1895 of liver disease, many still believe it was murder, too.

Ghosts and Haunting Franklin Castle

Franklin CastleA common sighting described by visitors is that of a lady dressed in black who is believed to be Rachel, one of the many servants or mistresses that was hacked to death by Hannes Tiedemann.

Witnesses also mention the voices of little children crying and a shapeless vision of a young girls face.

People who have visited the castle also mention a feeling of disgust and guilt that seems to surround them.

Strange noises and objects flying in the air are commonly experienced by people visiting Franklin Castle, too.

Whatever lurks in the depth of this magnificent castle will remain a mystery, and I know the secrets – Got to go now: Luise is waiting!

If you have been to the Franklin Castle at Cleveland please share your experience by leaving a comment. Was there anything scary besides what’s mentioned in this article?

Photo Courtesy of David Ploenzke


8 Responses to “The Franklin Castle at Cleveland”
  1. imani says:

    thats right downt he street from my friend :/ creeeepppyyyyy

  2. i love listening about ghost and the spooky thing that they go to people.i wish i could explore haunted houses with the people on tv it would be so fun!!!!!!

  3. hotchic says:

    does anyone know if this place is open to go look around in or investigate? i would like to go in and take a look around. this is actually located about 7 hrs away from where i am right now.

  4. jenn says:

    someone bought this building to turn into a rental property

  5. karan says:

    i have no idea about this castle that how is it, where is it. but i m always fan of these horror and haunted things.. ilike it so…. much. i want to lost in these old mantions,castles,forts,palaces etc.

  6. Marie says:

    When I seen the picture, I thought the castle was in some other part of Ohio. No wonder it looked so familiar to me.

  7. Horace says:

    I live 1/4 milles from castle, for years I was drive and pass many times ignore was haunting.I will love doing a research I love paranormal and not scare, if are for rent I will love go and live there. If any one plan a investigation in a castle, I will like participate.

  8. Darrah says:

    I have probably driven by this place many times on my trips to Cleveland. I still want to get a picture. Its it apartments or one solid house?

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