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The Crescent Hotel

Crescent Hotel

Photo of Crescent Hotel © by Mark A. Powers

The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They spared no expense creating this deluxe hotel. There was an exquisite ballroom, a stable full of horses for the guests to ride and every small detail of the hotel was exquisite.

A worker named Michael fell to his death while building the hotel, haunting the premises ever since his fatal accident. Hundreds of hotel employees and guests have seen him vividly as he will appear and then vanish walking through the hotel. There are even ghosts that brush right by startled hotel guests while making unexplainable sounds. These voices and noises have been captured and recorded by paranormal investigators.

In the late 1930s the hotel sat idle until a stranger came to town and decided to make it his own. No one in the community had any idea as to what was about to happen when Dr. Norman Baker bought the hotel. He had been run out of Iowa for being a medical quack. This crazy doctor picked up this beautiful Victorian Hotel for just pennies on the dollar, his new vision was to make it a healthy resort for recovering cancer patients and he renamed it “The Castle in the Air.”

The Castle in the Air

Dr. Norman Baker started to conduct experiments that often ended in death to the patients. Many of his sadistic experiments took place in the infamous room 419, where several people died at his hands. A well-known and long term resident, Miss Theadora, was also one of his victims; many people who have spotted her apparition walking through the hallways believe that she is in search of the man who killed her or that she is trying to warn others of the danger.

The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel © by Frank Miller

Another widely recognized apparition wandering through the Crescent Hotel is Lula. She was murdered by the evil doctor on Christmas as he seemed callous and upbeat in his blue tie and white suit. The eventual trial that followed involved Lula’s husband Jon who testified that Dr. Norman Baker’s treatments did nothing to help her recover from her illness, and that the human experiments that he was conducting were in fact tortuous and caused the end of her life.

The aftermath of this trial exposed Dr. Baker as a fraud who did nothing but perform boiler room basement antics that were in fact a hoax and brought no benefits to humans whatsoever. It was discovered soon after that he had never possessed a medical license and became a fugitive.

To this day many guests have said that they’ve seen elegantly dressed ghosts and wraiths passing through walls, sitting down in chairs, and even having meals at several different tables in the famous Crystal River Dining Room.

If you go to the Crescent Hotel nowadays, you’ll be able to hear the sounds of silky dresses swooshing on by like there was no one there. Another famous ghost is known to wear a darker suit and a derby hat; it is usually seen in the hotel lobby tipping the brim of his hat at all the ladies passing by.


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  1. jEANNIE says:

    I have never stayed in a darker feeling hotel. I wear a cpap machine at night and about 2 am It shut off I looked up and there was someone in a dr coat stand above me. The minute I jumped it disapeard and my machine came back on. I got up and my daughter and I spent the rest of the night just walking around the hotel because I wouldnt go back to sleep.

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