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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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The luxurious Roosevelt Hotel opened its doors in 1927 to cater to the members of the Los Angeles, California movie industry. During that time period, if you wanted to see any movie stars, the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood was the place to do it. Although it was named for Theodore Roosevelt, it was financed by a […]

The Stanley Hotel

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The Stanley Hotel is definitively haunted. Here the proofs including the story of the thief ghost who took objects from ghost hunters.

The Old Slave House

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Here’s the story of the Old Slave House in Hickory Hills, IL, including its cruel past and scary attic.

Introduction To Haunted Places In America

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It is difficult to define a haunted place as each place is unique in its paranormal activity and researchers study and put in a lot of work to find instances of such activity before assigning the sobriquet of a haunted place to a particular location. Paranormal activity examples include sighting of apparitions, some voices that […]