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Landmark Theater Syracuse

The Landmark Theater is located at 362 South Salina Street in Syracuse, New York and has been the scene of many paranormal activities throughout the years. It’s one of the most well-known haunted attractions in the United States. Each year, a high number of tourists make the trip to tour this lovely old theater in haunted New York.

History of the Syracuse Landmark Theater

Landmark Theater SyracuseIn March 1926, a man named Marcus Leow bought property on the northwest corner of Salinas Street. Then he went about building the largest theater in Syracuse, New York, complete with 3,000 seats and an 8 story office tower. Construction began on March 15, 1927, taking over 300 workers 11 months and 3 days to complete. The ornate decorations that fill the interior of the theater are still some of the most stunning and impressive found anywhere today. The red and gold tapestries along with the magnificent Tiffany chandelier as well as a 1,400 pipes Wurlitzer organ are still wondrous to behold to present day visitors. Even though the Syracuse landmark theatre, called the Loew’s State Theater at that time, was primarily a place to see movies, they also had a carpenter shop in-house. This helped to maintain the building as well as make signs and stage props when needed.

Hauntings at the Landmark Theater Syracuse

When unexpected deaths occur from accidents or tragic events happen paranormal manifestation are more likely. Actors and theater staff are quite serious about their professions. If they die just before a performance then they won’t stop performing. They will hang around as ghosts to finish their job on stage or remain on the premises as spectral entities fulfilling their previous duties. Some examples of the haunted Syracuse Landmark Theater include:

Oscar Rau: He was a stage hand that suffered electrocution during an accident due to a faulty Westinghouse generator. He’s been spotted on the stage going about his work. His favorite place to walk around is at the theater’s large lighting board that sits backstage.

Clarissa or Claire: She was an actress with two versions of her death. In one of them, she was in the balcony when she saw Oscar, her beloved, being electrocuted. This caused her to faint and fall over the railing. In another version, Clarissa wasn’t chosen for a part in a play. This caused her to throw herself from the balcony to her death. You can tell when Clarissa is around by the scent of lilacs. She enjoys making an appearance to the living at the most unexpected times and locations. Once there was an apparition she made to the staff. They saw her standing in the balcony and went up to tell her that she had to leave. She waited until they were right in front of her before vanishing.

Charlie: He was the theater caretaker and janitor that called the boiler room his home. This room was located close to the central vac system. Charlie died in the 1970s of natural causes in the theater. He’s seen wearing clothes of the 70s styles in areas that he took care of when he was living.

Other mysterious activities: There are many spectral manifestations that cannot be nailed down to one particular cause. There’s a strange blue light, oddities in photographs, and EVPs that have been captured. Some other areas you may experience some hauntings in are the Red Room, the very back of the theater, the Walnut Room and the large basement of the theater known as the catacombs. In fact the theatre is one of the most haunted places in New York.

Paranormal Investigations at the Syracuse Landmark Theater

The Syracuse Landmark Theater has been investigated many times by the Central New York Ghost Hunters. This organization has had quite a bit of luck with capturing evidence of the paranormal. The EVPs they’ve captured suggest that Clarissa’s fall from the balcony was a tragic accident. Any paranormal group that has investigated this theater always comes away with impressive evidence of hauntings.

Is the Landmark Theater in Syracuse Still Haunted?

According to all of the evidence collected over the years by paranormal investigative groups such as the Central New York Ghost Hunters and others, the Landmark Theater in Syracuse is definitely visited by spirits. In fact, every time the ghost hunters come back for another look, they are rewarded with even more evidence!

The Landmark Theater supplements its income through renting the theater for various events such as weddings, receptions, proms, meetings, and corporate parties. The Central New York Ghost Hunters help in this regard by leading an annual ghost hunt each October. The money raised by these ghost hunts are donated to the ongoing restoration projects of the theater.

Make plans to visit haunted Syracuse in October to have a great time while helping a really good cause.


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