Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Introduction To Haunted Places In America

HauntedHouse1It is difficult to define a haunted place as each place is unique in its paranormal activity and researchers study and put in a lot of work to find instances of such activity before assigning the sobriquet of a haunted place to a particular location. Paranormal activity examples include sighting of apparitions, some voices that are captured on electromagnetic voice phenomena apparatus, sighting of moving objects etc.

In the US, there are many locations that lure tourists by virtue of them having been declared as haunted. Some of the more common ones are as under:

Haunted Cemeteries
Some of the most haunted cemeteries can be found in New Orleans and it is not clear whether the fact that this city was built under the sea level is one of the reasons. The St. Louis Cemetery No.1 and No. 2 are particularly well known for ghosts. Tourists who have visited these places talk of hearing all kinds of banging and moaning noises and they seem to come from underneath the crypts.
Those visiting the nearby tomb of Marie Laveau, who was a well known black magic practitioner have noticed and taken snaps of strange looking apparitions and orbs that seem to be rising from the grave of this lady. There are other equally haunted cemeteries in Illinois, Ohio and Maryland where people have witnessed apparitions weeping.

Haunted Battlefields
Researchers believe that the chances of spirits remaining attached to the battlefields are very great and visitors to these sites have often experienced paranormal activity. The most well known is the Gettysburg battlefield, which was where the American Civil War was fought and the other ones are the Chickamauga Battlefield at Tennessee, where the Old Green Eyes ghost succeeds in scaring the wits out of people. Some accidents have taken place near this site as the drivers lost control on seeing the two burning eyes of Old Green Eyes on the road and also heard some groaning sounds.
Visitors also talk of seeing strange apparitions on dark nights with strange sounds accompanying them at this place.


2 Responses to “Introduction To Haunted Places In America”
  1. dale olea says:

    haunted houses are FAKE. there are NO ghost, demons, evil sprits, it is all fake. I’m willing to stay in any “haunted house” for a weekend to prove it’s fake.

  2. Twilight Mack says:

    As big as our Universe is, ANYTHING is possible. To think otherwise is just plain ignorant.

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