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Belcourt Castle

The magnificent Belcourt Castle is located in Newport, Rhode Island on Bellevue Avenue. The construction of this beautiful castle took three laborious years and was finally completed in 1894. Oliver Belcourt spent an estimated $ 3.2 million on construction of this lavish chateau, and made sure that every minor detail of his vision was taken into consideration. The castle was a palatial 60 room marvel spread over 50,000 square foot.

Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle

The man responsible for the design of this masterpiece was Richard Morris Hunt. The sprawling castle was built using a confluence of styles with the emphasis being laid on French Renaissance style architecture in unison with gothic décor. Today Belcourt Castle, also home to a number of artifacts and antiquities, is one of the most sought after properties and the third largest mansion in Newport. Although Belcourt Castle is known for its splendor it has also been in the news for the presence of paranormal activity that take place regularly.

The Ballroom

The ballroom in the castle is the place with the most number of unexplainable activities. A number of people have had different experiences but the most common ones include the presence of an entity behind your shoulder, objects being flung in the air, furniture being displaced or moved, the sound of footsteps, drop and rise in temperatures and doors shutting without warning. Some individuals have experienced a feeling of nausea and hate while in the ballroom and felt it disappear as soon as they exited. It is believed that the two salt chairs which are located in the ballroom of Belcourt Castle have a significant history of royalty and manic sense of mysticism. Salt chairs were used at a time when salt as a commodity was more valuable than gold and silver. The kings and rulers that adorned these thrones would open the seats on which they were seated and hand over salt stored in those chairs to their guests and well wishers.

The Salt Chairs

People attempting to take a seat on the salt chairs of Belcourt Castle find themselves being resisted by some unseen spirit that is adamant on denying them a seat. There have been instances where individuals have been flung off attempting to sit on them. Individuals have also experienced a dip in temperatures with an icy cold breeze blowing near the chairs. The significance of why male counterparts have experienced this strange phenomenon more remains a mystery. Another popular attraction is the statue of a monk covered in a robe that is believed to keep shifting its position. Although few people have reported this they were very clear about the events that took place. In the area of the ballroom where the ancient armor is stored individuals have experienced agonizing voices of torment that seem to communicate a warning to them.

There have been various interpretations of paranormal activity that have occurred at Belcourt Castle. Candlelight ghost tours are offered to the public to get a firsthand experience of the castle and marvel the exemplary and diverse forms of architecture.

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  1. Well I think and know for myself that human spirits roam the earth for some unknown reason we might never know, but what I do know the spirits are restless and looking for a complete for their mission on earth. What is their mission I heard one guy say that the spirits that roam the earth have un-finished work that’s why they still roam but who knows what’s going on in the unseen It’s not some type of figment from some kind of imagination spirits are real and the unseen is real rather it’s bad or good.

  2. Jake says:

    Is there someone living there now or can u go in and look around. I don’t what to travel a long way to be denied entry

  3. Karpice Fortier says:

    Spirits do very well have unfinished business. Young spirits are mostly the ones stuck between earth and the heavens. But either today or tomorrow they will go to heaven or hell. Spirits need the sense of relief to know that there childrens’ children are safe. Heavenly holy spirits are safe in the arms of the great Lord himself.

  4. violet sky says:

    wow can i live there how much i love haunted places

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